The week ahead

A month and a half ago I booked a week off work with the aim of getting some serious flying time in. So every morning between 20th-24th June I will be getting up early in the morning and prepping myself for a morning of flying. I have been checking the weather non-stop in the lead up to this week and I have a week of sun and warm weather – I seem to have got pretty lucky!

What do I want to get out of this week?

The first day of this week will see me leaving the circuit solo for the first time and going for a flight around the Isle of Wight. I want to practice some straight and level flying and get a few snaps of the island.


The end of the first day and the next three days will see me getting some navigation practice in: I will go for a navigation exercise with my instructor (I have a free landing at Thruxton); a solo navigation exercise somewhere over Petersfield and possibly another navigation exercise over Bournemouth in the direction of Compton Abbas.


I hope that these three days will put me in a position to attempt my cross country navigation exercise on the fourth day. The fourth day will be a saturday, a warm and sunny saturday, so I would expect a lot of general aviation traffic to be clogging the skies over southern England. It would be a brave move to do my cross country on that day but it would be a day of valuable experience.



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