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After the hiatus

My last post was written a while ago as I was waiting to finally do my qualifying cross country and then finally pass my practical exams and get my PPL. Well.. seven months later and I’m still waiting. I have been constantly thwarted by bad weather every time I attempt to go flying. However, next week it looks like things might change. I have a week off in between new jobs and I hope I will be able to at least get my cross country flight finished. I’ll definitely be posting updates with pictures and videos as the week progresses....


My cross country

August was set to be the month that I finally passed my flying license; nine months of flying and I was set to finally have my PPL. It was not meant to be! One of the last things I had to do was complete my cross country; fly 150nm solo and make three landings and three different airfields. I attempted it three times in August and each time it was cancelled by bad weather! My first attempt was was thwarted by forecasts of poor visibility and heavy rain. I wouldn’t be flying my cross country but I would be able...

My first year of flying 0

My first year of flying

As I am approaching the end of my first year of flying I thought it would be good to put together a short video from the footage I have taken over the year. It was nice to reminisce over my first few flying lessons with my Dad, then onto my first solo flights, then onto flying some aerobatics and then onto flying around the south coast all on my own! I’m still a rookie at video editing but I feel like this has come together quite well!


Debrief – Tuesday 18th July

This was the first day of my second week of flying. My first exercise was to carry out a solo nav exercise in prep for me potentially heading out on my qualifying cross country this week. Things could have gone a bit better. I would be flying from the Spinnaker Tower to Guildford to Petworth and then back to the Spinnaker Tower. I got to the club and planned my route for the day and shortly took off for it. The sky was blue and there was a haze on the horizon; perfect for a navigation exercise. I crossed the...


Lee to Kemble

This is a fairly short blog post as there isn’t too much to recount; it was a straightforward and enjoyable flight. Today was a navigation exercise with my flight instructor. The flight would take place in two parts. We would fly from the Spinnaker tower to the lower portion of Basingstoke and then towards Swindon which is to the east of Kemble. The return leg of the flight was from Kemble to Froome to Stoney Cross and then to Beaulieu. Flying into Kemble was really interesting; we flew an overhead join and landed on the shorter grass runway parallel to...


Debrief – Thursday 22nd June

The weather on day three took a bit of a turn for the worse: the wind picked up and the clouds came in low. This meant it was a good day to get in some practice force landings and low-level navigation. The low-level navigation was interesting. I lost all of my normal bearings and quickly lost track of where I was. I would continually refer to the Avadine navigation system in the plane to get my bearings. Low-level navigation is important because I might find myself in a situation with a decreasing cloud base and I will need to be...


Debrief – Wednesday 21st June

Debrief – Wednesday 21st June After flying the day before I spent the afternoon trying to revise for ground exams and recover. Flying is tiring! I had spoken to my instructor about flying up to Thruxton to combine a nav exercise and a land away into one. The latest edition of Flyer had a free landing voucher for Thruxton and I wanted to make use of it! I woke up bright and early and plotted my route to Thruxton via Alton and Andover; it looked intimidating. I would be talking to a number of radar stations and requesting a MATZ...


Debrief – Tuesday 20th June

Day one of my week of flying is over and it was an eventful one! I got 2.2 hours of flying time in and covered a lot of stuff. The first flight of the day involved my first solo adventure out of the circuit as I wished; a flight around the Isle of Wight. I checked the weather and NOTAMs. There were two things of interest: south of the Isle of Wight there were oil spill trials being flown; at Sandown airfield there would be parachutists being dropped. Both of these would be in my direct path. I discussed talking...


The week ahead

A month and a half ago I booked a week off work with the aim of getting some serious flying time in. So every morning between 20th-24th June I will be getting up early in the morning and prepping myself for a morning of flying. I have been checking the weather non-stop in the lead up to this week and I have a week of sun and warm weather – I seem to have got pretty lucky! What do I want to get out of this week? The first day of this week will see me leaving the circuit solo...


Debrief – Saturday 10th June

There isn’t too much to report about this flight other than I spent some more time around the circuit. I hadn’t flown for two weeks so it was a good way to refamiliarise myself with how to fly. During the flight I practised a combination of: normal approaches; flapless approaches; glide approaches; short field approaches. There was a steady wind of about 14 knots blowing down the runway which meant I would climb quickly and descend quickly. In my normal approaches I only had to use two stages of flap to get myself down. I enjoying my flapless approaches and...