Lee to Kemble

This is a fairly short blog post as there isn’t too much to recount; it was a straightforward and enjoyable flight.

Today was a navigation exercise with my flight instructor. The flight would take place in two parts. We would fly from the Spinnaker tower to the lower portion of Basingstoke and then towards Swindon which is to the east of Kemble. The return leg of the flight was from Kemble to Froome to Stoney Cross and then to Beaulieu.

Flying into Kemble was really interesting; we flew an overhead join and landed on the shorter grass runway parallel to the concrete strip. Kemble is also a graveyard for planes and it was odd flying in past old Boeing 777s, 737s and 727s – but very cool to see. Kemble has a cheap landing fee at only £10! The cafe is also very nice and I enjoyed watching aircraft fly in and leave with my instructor. As an added bonus the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Lancaster passed the airfield to the east, sadly I didn’t get any photos. On the flight back I was surprised to hear the Red Arrows pop up on the radar. We didn’t get to see them though, if only!

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