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My first year of flying 0

My first year of flying

As I am approaching the end of my first year of flying I thought it would be good to put together a short video from the footage I have taken over the year. It was nice to reminisce over my first few flying lessons with my Dad, then onto my first solo flights, then onto flying some aerobatics and then onto flying around the south coast all on my own! I’m still a rookie at video editing but I feel like this has come together quite well!



To me Aerobatics is the pinnacle of aviation; performing stunts in flying machines that no flying machine has the right to be doing. Since I starting flying, aerobatics is something that I have been wanting to do. Originally it was a desire for the thrill of it but after catting to a fellow pilot at my flying clubs christmas do I realised it isn’t all about the thrill. You see, Aerobatics is about safety, getting your plane into a stall, spin or upside down and then being able to safely recover from it is a hugely important skill. If I...