After the hiatus

My last post was written a while ago as I was waiting to finally do my qualifying cross country and then finally pass my practical exams and get my PPL. Well.. seven months later and I’m still waiting. I have been constantly thwarted by bad weather every time I attempt to go flying.

However, next week it looks like things might change. I have a week off in between new jobs and I hope I will be able to at least get my cross country flight finished. I’ll definitely be posting updates with pictures and videos as the week progresses.

Last week I was able to get just over two hours of flying in with my instructor where we worked on circuits and some navigation exercises. The airfield and circuit were as busy as I have ever seen it! The general aviation parking was three rows deep and the apron was packed with aircraft, it made for some slightly nervous taxiing!

Right now I am spending some time refreshing myself on how to plan a VFR flight, what radio calls I will need to make and how to make an overhead approach to an airfield. I thought I would feel a bit nervous thinking about making my cross country but I have been prepared for it for so long and I have done so much flying in the past that I am as ready as I am ever going to be.

According to the weather forecast I’m going to have to wrap up warm and dodge some potential snow!

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