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The Great South Run 2018

Definitely need new running shorts.  Between my Sister, Dad and Mum the Terry family have completed The Great South Run a total of six times. Every year a family member has completed it I have never found myself quite ever wanting to run the 10 miles (16km) around Portsmouth. However, given my new found love for endurance sport I thought this year would be as good a year as any to give it a go. I can tell you already that having done a few sprint triathlons, some long bike rides and few casual training runs does not translate to...


The Road to Barcelona

Those in the know will hopefully know that the title to this post is a play on “The Road to Kona”. I chose this as racing the Barcelona Ironman 70.3 is going to be the first step of many that I will take to race in Kona. For those not in the know? Kona is a big race on a little island in the Pacific; every year some of the best Ironman athletes descend on Kona for the Ironman world championships. This post will outline my broad goals with triathlon and establish why I have chosen to Barcelona as my...